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My Services

Web Design / Coding

Custom WordPress websites for small businesses and personal portfolio websites for individuals.

Graphic Design

Custom graphic designs for company logos, advertising, product branding, website banners, etc.

Video Editing

Video montage for the “New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislators, Inc.”

Small Business Solutions

Small business automation and technology integration.

Product Branding

Custom brand, promotional and advertisement designs.

Film Production

Short film direction and production as well as audio/visual editing and composition.

About Me

Who am I?

I’m Henry Vernon Lyons, Jr. the founder of Lyons Gold Standard Multimedia LLC (LGM), IMOA Entertainment, and HVLYONS Graphic Design Studios, formerly “Lyons Communications Industries”, which was founded in 1992. The vision of LGM is to make technology accessible to the masses through several entities: advertising, marketing, public relations, web design, and technology support. As an educator I have used my companies as a springboard to mentor and train at-risk youth.

As a cum laude graduate from Mercy College with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and a master’s degree in special education, I have over 20 years of experience in the fields of technology and education covering a wide range of disciplines including but not limited to, programming, database management, computer graphics and systems integration.

Over the years I have developed, designed, and implemented several special computerized management systems as well as computer-based curriculum for various programs within the New York City's Department of Education. I’ve also worked as a computer consultant to many small businesses throughout the New York City area and have served as project manager, lead web designer and accounts manager for a prominent New York based technology firm. Presently I have several clients including Hudson Neonate, a New York based Newborn Childcare company. I have also worked as a Computer Graphic and Desktop Publishing Instructor at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning located in Jamaica Queens, NY.

I am also a published author, having penned two books. One of poetry, “Deep Thoughts” and another science fiction, “Supernature.” As a final side note: I was recognized for my work with Community Based Organizations and neighborhood youth at helping to bridge the "DIGITAL DIVIDE” and became the proud recipient of the 1997 Manhattan Borough President's Volunteerism Award. In 2004 prompted by a need for change I ran for the New York State office of district leader in the 43rd assembly district of Brooklyn.

Henry V. Lyons, Jr.
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My Strengths

Always ready to meet a new challenge

I am a highly skilled and perceptive professional with expertise in web design, video editing, computer coding, and graphic design. With a solid background in technology and a specialization in market-leading software, I excel in creating intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences. I have a proven track record of delivering excellent results in each of my areas of competence and enjoy collaborating with teams and clients to bring their ideas to life.

In terms of web design, I have successfully developed dynamic and engaging websites for local small businesses in the New York City area. I possess a strong understanding of web design principles such as responsive design and user experience optimization. Utilizing tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, I leverage its robust features to craft visually attractive websites. Additionally, I have extensive experience in video editing, including music videos, short films, and presentations. I am proficient in industry-standard software like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere, enabling me to enhance visual effects, perform color grading, and synchronize audio, resulting in expertly crafted videos.

My experience also covers editing music videos, short films, and presentations, which demonstrates my outstanding narrative skills. I am also adept in DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic, Adobe Premiere, and other industry-standard video editing programs. I've developed expertise in the enhancement of visual effects, color grading, and audio synchronization throughout the years to produce appealing and expert videos.

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